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Hub Bub

Pro Bono Work: Fab Lab Tulsa

Recently finished building a WordPress theme for Fab Lab Tulsa. The site was designed by Carlos Moreno.

Fab Lab Tulsa | MIT fabrication laboratory within Tulsa's Kendall-Whittier NeighborhoodPersonally I’m really excited about the prospects of having a Fabrication Laboratory practically walking distance from my house here in Tulsa. There are always little things I would like to build every now and then that would help solve little problems. Just never have any of the tools to make them.

Blogging, the great adventure


Why I’ve designed and coded myself a WordPress blog is still somewhat of a mystery. Maybe subconsciously I’m trying to tell myself that this is something I need to do to become a better writer and semi-socializer. Having lived most of my online life as a consumer not contributing or participating in any sort of meaningful way has become mentally draining. Forcing myself to write a blog post every now and then on what I’m thinking or working on feels like a good step.

The actual design of this blog took place over a couple months of intermittent work and planning. A lot of the actual ideas taking advantage of new WordPress features were put on the back burner in favor of getting the basic blog functionality in place first and fast. For those that are following actively may see them sometime popup. They include a code section, portfolio, open source downloads section ( WordPress plugins and any other code releases ) and interesting and hopefully usable navigation of all the different types of content.

Topics that will attempt to be covered:

  • Web development tutorials.
  • Different open source projects I’m interested in.
  • Product and application reviews
  • Opinions and thoughts about things
  • Probably a couple other things

Thanks for reading.