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Fleshing out a project.

I’ve been mulling over an idea for a website/service for the makers among us. What follows is what I had written down as my “pitch” for startup weekend. Having failed to memorize it and along with my public speaking abilities the actual pitch didn’t come out anywhere near as clear or descriptive.

If you’ve ever visited sites like iFixit and Instructables, you’ve probably wanted to create or fix something. These sites allow users to create and share tutorials but not much besides that. I want to fill a niche I feel they are missing, disassembling and re-purposing parts of broken products that are otherwise still useful. The goal would be to create an instructional website that allows users to search for and add products and then list their parts. An intuitive taxonomy system could then categorize the parts making them easier to find for use in user created tutorials. A market place of parts and products could then be built for users to sell and barter parts and products for use in projects.

For example a user could create a tutorial and then search for and list the parts they used. Users browsing the tutorial could then be presented with a “buy kit” button that would buy and ship the parts/products from the numerous sellers used.
You could also enter products and parts that you already have and get suggested projects and tutorials.

The overall goal of the service would be to reduce the amount of e-junk and household products being sent to landfills by providing a means for companies and individuals to easily offload stuff and recuperate some money. And to provide a place for those tinkerers and makers of us to share our knowledge.

I’ll be posting numerous posts during the planning stages of this service. So stay tuned.