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How to Fix Disqus comment width on the WordPress 2014 theme

As there is no html element wrapping the comments area with padding or margin the Disqus WordPress plugin when used out of the box does not display correctly in the latest  WordPress theme, 2014.

The Fix

In the sidebar menu go to Appearance Edit CSS  and then paste in the CSS below. If you have existing CSS make sure you don’t overwrite it.


As the theme uses media queries to adjust the padding around the content area so must we for the commends container. It would be easier to just add the Disqus comments css selector to the existing CSS file, however modifying the theme’s base css file would leave us vulnerable to updates. Which would clear out any changes we’ve made. So instead we’ll use a spiffy new feature of WordPress to just add our own custom CSS to the page.

Pro Bono Work: Fab Lab Tulsa

Recently finished building a WordPress theme for Fab Lab Tulsa. The site was designed by Carlos Moreno.

Fab Lab Tulsa | MIT fabrication laboratory within Tulsa's Kendall-Whittier NeighborhoodPersonally I’m really excited about the prospects of having a Fabrication Laboratory practically walking distance from my house here in Tulsa. There are always little things I would like to build every now and then that would help solve little problems. Just never have any of the tools to make them.